siegel made in germany

70 years‘ experience with the material melamine

Since 1950 the family-owned company Schür has been using the unique material melamine to produce innovative products for the food and medical sector under the brand names FESTOPAS® and NOVOTRAY®. The aim of the company’s endeavours still is
 and always has been to focus on just one material and to become
 the fore most specialist and quality leader in the market. Founded by Anneliese and Wilhelm Schür, the family business is now being managed by their daughters, Christine Schür and Sabine Beer.

Creative symbiosis of human and technology

The manufacture of FESTOPAS® and NOVOTRAY® products made from pure melamine is a combination of work done by hand and high-end- technology. Hydraulic presses with a compression capacity of up to 250 tons mould the products out of the base material melamine granules. Then each blank is inspected, deburred and polished by the competent hands of our employees to achieve the final surface finish.